Beautiful People Live Art

Asolo is one of the most picturesque and evocative hamlets Italy, gathered on the top of a hill, protected by a twelfth century fortress. It is in this magical place where architecture, art and nature merge in an ethereal union, that Elinor Garnero and Thereza Pedrosa decided to establish a new artistic reality, Beautiful People Live Art.

Every alley, every house, every cobblestone of Asolo scents of an ancient flavor, of a story that you can feel on the skin, you can breathe in the air and leaves its mark on the soul. Over the centuries Asolo has fascinated poets, intellectuals and artists of international renown. Already at the beginning of the 16th century Pietro Bembo paid homage to the village with “Gli Asolani”, while the American painter Eugene Benson visited the city for the first time around the middle of the 19th century, dedicating many paintings to the famous horizons of Asolo. Robert Browning, one of Britain’s foremost Victorian poets, dedicated his last volume of poetry “Asolando” to this town “splendid with magnificent architecture, perfect in every aspect.” The divine of the international theater Eleonora Duse and the explorer and writer Freya Stark both chose to retire and be buried in Asolo, a city they loved for its beauty and serene tranquility.

The Thereza Pedrosa | Beautiful People Live Art gallery is born out of the desire to celebrate interconnections between the arts by promoting artists, sculptors, designers and creatives. The aim is to show how all art forms are facets of a unique diamond, all contributing to the beauty of the whole. The name Beautiful People Live Art itself collects the deepest meaning, referring to the importance of art in our lives, in every aspect of our daily routines. Art that is savoured to the fullest leads to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us, making us part of beauty itself.

We live art when a painting in the living room welcomes us and soothes our souls when we return home every evening. We live art with a sculpture in the hallway, which we caress 

absentmindedly as we head out to start a new day. We live art with a unique jewel that, like an amulet, channels our energy, strength and self-assurance to face every challenge with our heads held high.

The opening exhibition will feature works by 14 internationally renowned artists from 9 different countries: from the ethereal works of Nagano Kazumi, artist on permanent display at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, to the mystical works of Gigi Mariani, already winner of the Joya Barcelona award, from the fascinating marine creations of Aişegül Telli, selected this year at the MAD Museum of Art and Design in New York, to the works of Maria Rosa Franzin, already in the collection of the Museo degli Argenti, Palazzo Pitti in Florence. The opening exhibition is a world to explore, discover, and live in.

Artist List: Aişegül Telli, Alfonso Fortuna, Bruno Pedrosa, Clara Del Papa, Corrado De Meo, Gigi Mariani, Heng Lee, Kazumi Nagano, Lluís Comín, Maria Rosa Franzin, Maria Tsimpiskaki, Raffaele Rossi, Sara Barbanti, Wolfgang Mussgnug.

Inauguration: the art gallery Thereza Pedrosa | Beautiful People Live Art will be opening its doors on Saturday, September 7th at 6pm in Via Canova 332, Asolo (Italy).

Exhibition: From september 7 to november 3, 2020.