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Each creation by Gigi Mariani is a microcosm of emotions enclosed in a jewel. Each work tells a story of life, love, suffering, identity and research. It tells at the same time itself and the more general human condition.
Born and raised in the city of Modena in 1957, Mariani began in his youth to seek an instrument of expression for his tumultuous emotions. This is how he discovered informal painting, which allowed him to transfer to canvas all the strength, violence and humanity of his reflections on the world around him.
Painting therefore satisfies Gigi’s most intimate need to express his feelings, but it is not enough, because Gigi Mariani is not only a riot of emotions, but also an extremely precise, methodical and curious personality.
These aspects of his character led him, from his adolescence, to attend the workshop of a master goldsmith from whom he learned the meticulousness of the goldsmith technique.
Painting and goldsmith’s art are therefore the tracks of Gigi Mariani’s road. For many years they run parallel, but without ever touching each other. In 2008, thanks to the teachings of the masters Graziano Visintin and Maria Rosa Franzin, Mariani learns the ancient technique of niello, which will define all his next work. The roads finally merge and amalgamate. Gigi’s traditional goldsmith work is transformed into primitive and sculptural informal forms, in which the niello is the pictorial material on silver and gold canvases.


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Sieraad Art Fair“, represented by Thereza Pedrosa gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
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Fondazione Cominelli, San Felice del Benaco, Italy.

Espace Solidor, Cagnes-sur-Mer, France.

Helen Drutt Collection , USA.


Guest Artist for 2015 Edition of Joya Barcelona Art Fair.
Alliages Choise – The legacy award.


First Prize Joya 2014, Barcelona, Spain.
Selected for the Herbert Hofmann 2015 Award, Schmuck 2015, Munich, Germany.


First prize Cominelli Foundation 2013 Award, San Felice del Benaco, Italy.


Premi Joid’art, Enjoia’t 2012, Barcelona, Spain.


Exhibition Gioielli in fermento, Torre Fornello (PC) / | First prize ONOFF Spazio Aperto Award 150°, Padua, Italy.