“Influences is a collective of 12 jewellery artists from 12 different cities who have joined together to discuss the influences to which each is subject”.

Starting in 2018 with the analysis of how the environment affects their work, and all coming from different countries, cities and cultures, for the artists the concept of “genius loci”, or the spirit of the place, was at the base of each creation. From Austria, Germany, Japan, Italy, Scotland, Spain and Sweden, they placed their work in relation to places, spaces, colors and scents that surround them in their daily lives.
This year, the collective exhibition of Influences focused on a more emotional sphere, exploring the influence of their passions. Each artist conveys the idea of passion in his work, as they perceive it on the basis of their personal experience. The choices of materials and techniques, colours and shapes highlight the uniqueness of each personality and how passion, like every element related to the emotional sphere, is interpreted in a unique and unrepeatable way. The exhibition clearly displays how the emotional baggage, the personal experiences, but also the traditions and culture of each artist inevitably influence his artistic vision.
At Thereza Pedrosa gallery, Asolo now has the honour of exhibiting INFLUENCES, after München, Livorno, Barcelona and Florence.

Artists List: Claudia Steiner, Corrado De Meo, Elin Flognman, Gabi Veit, Gigi Mariani, Judy McCaig, Lluís Comín, Maria Rosa Franzin, Nicola Heidemann, Patrizia Bonati, Stefano Rossi, Yoko Takirai/Pietro Pellitteri.

Inauguration: The exhibition will be opening its doors on Saturday, November 23 from 6pm to 9pm at Thereza Pedrosa | Beautiful People Live Art gallery, via Canova 332, Asolo (Italy).

Exhibition: From november 23 to december 23, 2020.