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People have been using rings since ancient times. Over the centuries, countless symbolic and material values have been added to the ring as an object, just think of the family signet ring or engagement ring.
Every piece of jewellery we decide to wear conveys an energy, an emotion and tickles our senses. But as an object, the ring is in my opinion the most playful, cheerful, interactive and engaging that there could be. Wearing it in our hand, we have the pleasure of admiring it not only the moment we pick it up, but all the time we wear it. Not only do we look at it, but we feel it, turn it, touch it. We play with it!

The exhibition LET’S PLAY presents a collection of rings by Gigi Mariani, an artist well known for his serious and methodic approach to work, but also for his playful soul and his tireless desire to explore the world around him.

This exhibition is then simply an invitation to never stop play and wonder.

Thereza Pedrosa

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Let’s Play | Gigi Mariani


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The quote by the writer Lucia Capacchione is extracted from the book “The art of finding yourself. The creative journal” (2nd Edition).

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