In everyone’s life there are always ups and downs, but these last few months have been tumultuous for everyone. There is no need to explain why. One way or another, we have all been shaken up. Getting up and getting back on the game may seem an impossible task on our own. But this is the point: we must remember that we are not alone and that even if we are all going through a difficult time, we can still help each other.
The LUCE LUZ LIGHT exhibition is therefore a personal invitation that I made to 16 Italian artists (of origin or adoption): to join together and launch a beam of light, a breeze of fresh air, a wave of hope. To restart, together.
The period in front of us will not be easy, but there will be opportunities and we must continue to pursue our dreams. When we work with what we love, there is no choice, because it’s not just a job. It’s about love. It’s about friendship. So, we need to put all our passion and our energy to create new opportunities and move forward together.
Thanks to Bruno Pedrosa, Carla Riccoboni, Caterina Zanca, Chiara Scarpitti, Clara Del Papa, Corrado De Meo, Gigi Mariani, Heidemarie Herb, Maria Rosa Franzin, Patrizia Bonati, Sara Barbanti, Stefania Lucchetta, Stefano Fronza, Stefano Rossi, Ylenia Deriu and Yoko Takirai | Pietro Pellitteri for having accepted this challenge.

Enjoy this exhibition, because it’s pure energy, it’s pure LIGHT.

Thereza Pedrosa

Works still available

Luce Luz Light

The poem by the brazilian writer and journalist Fernando Sabino is extracted from the book “O encontro marcado” (The Appointment), first edition published in 1956.

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